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By using MyPoule.nl you agree with this disclaimer. MyPoule.nl been carefully developed and the information are with care recorded. MyPoule.com and MyPoule.be are associated with MyPoule.nl where this disclaimer also does apply.

The information on MyPoule.nl is only informative in nature. MyPoule.nl accepts no liability for damages, of any kind (including lost data, incorrect data, interference, direct or indirect result of acts or decisions, etc.) that are based on information, as it appears on MyPoule.nl has been obtained.

MyPoule.nl endeavors to regularly update the content and / or supplement. Despite this care and attention, MyPoule.nl not warrant that the information on MyPoule.nl at all times are complete, correct or current.

The information on this site may at any time by MyPoule.nl change or end the service, with or without prior notice. MyPoule.nl is not responsible for the consequences of modification or termination.

If this website contains links leading to websites of third parties, then MyPoule.nl is in no way responsible for that related websites.

MyPoule.nl protects your personal information carefully and does not provide your details to third parties but unauthorized or improper use of MyPoule.nl or its content may breach intellectual property rights, regulations concerning privacy, publication and / or communications in the broadest sense of the word.

You are responsible for everything you send from the web. MyPoule.nl accepts no liability for the correctness of links or the information it yields following the links. Placing a link to a third party website does not imply that there MyPoule.nl the available information supports.


MyPoule.com is associated with MyPoule.nl. MyPoule.nl intend to protect your data against loss and security or any form of unlawfulprocessing, by using a SSL certificate. By using an SSL Certificate, you can be sure that your data securely transfer via https and you can be sure of the owner of the web site.

MyPoule.nl guarantees and respects your personal data and your personal information and will in no way make available to third parties, However, you are responsible for the information and settings of your data that you enter on MyPoule.nl.

MyPoule.nl currently do not have organized football leagues with prizes. Possibly in the future, then the football pools will cover small promotional games of chance.
Beware, if you organize a footballpool with prizes, falls under the category of gambling and should by the winners of prizes (in the Netherlands) above the 454 euro gaming tax to be paid by the winner.


1.0 Register with MyPoule.nl as a group manager or a member is free.
1.1 To support Mypoule.nl in improvement and continuity, a small donation is requested for each participant in the sub-pool from the sub-pool manager.
1.2 Donations to MyPoule.nl can not be refunded.
1.3 Register as a member or group management for a sub-group is possible before the tournament begins.
2.0 As a group manager do you have the responsibility of
- The prices, the group manager may enter up to 30 prizes themselves and change, and therefore self manages its own financial administration
- Bet (an option not mandatory)
- Who can join in with the group
- Manages the administration of his group members can e-mail or delete members
3.0 Predictions can be completed fill in before the tournament starts and altered, after the tournament has begun there can be no more predictions made and/ or modified.
3.1 Points and positions are neatly and honestly cared, but may one day later by site management to be updated (try as soon as possible).
3.2 All predictions, so the predictions of all participants are visible to everyone in the same group, after the tournament started so you can see that everything is fair and nothing is changing.
3.3 Sub-pools with no more than one member at the start of the tournament are cleared to make MyPoule.nl well organized.
4.0 Both group adminsistrator and group members must be at least 16 years old.
5.0 Winners must have their prices demand from their group manager not with from site-adminstrator of MyPoule.nl.
5.1 MyPoule.nl is not responsible for the bet and/or the prices by group manager.
6.0 Rules for scoring are fixed, but for the protection of site management, the site-management law in need:
- adaptation rules
- stopping the game.
7.0 Site management group members and administrators may send an e-mail for announcements and news about MyPoule.nl unless member or group manager indicating that he / she does not want.
7.1 E-mail address pool manager (group manager) is visible to members in the group for contact info, and conversely, the group manager can e-mail a member of his group.
7.2 E-mail addresses of participants will not be disclosed to third parties, and can only be protected by site management and group managers of the group being seen, unless a member Logon indicating to his e-mail address not to hide for members.

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